Boyfriend’s got their own kind of Love Style!

Boyfriend is back with “Love Style” and I can 100% say I do NOT love their sense of style in this MV.  Some of those suits cause a physical pain reaction in me, and not the ovary exploding kind.  I’m talking about the “run to the bathroom and try to keep your lunch down” kind.  Some of these suits just made me want to claw my eyes out.

What were they thinking?

That’s not a suit, it’s a tablecloth

Why would you do such a thing?

HyunSeong is turning pretty awesome, I like the blond hair on him and I always approve of lip wipes, even with teeth.  They’re almost more tasteful that way.

KwangMin makes me laugh a little here, during his rap he was kinda in a D.O. situation, he refused to blink.  His eyes were so wide I couldn’t help from cracking up?


The original O.O

Also, for those of you who were looking for jailbait tummy, here it is.  Pretty, soft flesh of KwangMin tummy.  Wow, I’m starting to creep myself out, but no worries, I’m a YoungMin predator not KwangMin.

Onto my second bias in this band: JeongMin.  He’s hot, as usual, but again I must ask about the spikes.  What is up with spiked suits these days?  One last thing for JeongMin: the hat.  He looks positively sinful in hats.

I would be bumping into friends trying to poke them with those spikes

My YoungMin bias yay!!! I mean ewww, what did you do to his hair?  Total disapproval of his head but I love the face.

No!!! Not the hair!!! Why did you do that?

Extra: KwangMin looks totes adorbs with that boombox.

Here’s the dance gif.  Kick jumpy things, not good for car dancers but alas, I never listen to my own advice.  Happy dancing!

Did you like Boyfriend’s Love Style?

Don’t Touch Boyfriend’s Girl

Boyfriend’s second music video is 내 여자 손대지마 or “Don’t Touch My Girl.”  The song is about how they don’t want anyone to touch their girlfriend, but somehow they still lose her.  The music video just about sums that up, starting off with the boys being all cute with their girlfriend and then she disappears.  Honestly, will someone tell me where these girls keep running?  Who are they running to that they would run AWAY from these guys or any of the other boy bands that talk about losing a girl?  Me, I’ll stay put and make sure no one lays a hand on me.

He's my bias, so I need at least one picture of him in this review

Highlight one, SHINee needs to keep a better eye on their closet.  Infinite and Boyfriend have both raided their closet and stolen their signature, colorful, tight pants.  Thanks SHINee!

Borrowed from SHINee

Highlight two, KwangMin.  First off is his hair cut.  Suddenly, he doesn’t look so much like his twin brother, but they’re both still hot so don’t worry.  Second is his white suit.  Why does he get special treatment?  I don’t have an issue with it, but at the end, everyone is in black suits but not KwangMin.  BAM, look at the white suit standing out among the black ones.

Short hair, and not looking like his brother

BAM! White suit!

Highlight three, JeongMin and the girl’s teeth brushing scene.  I wanted to barf, but in a good way, if that’s even possible.  It was cute!

Aim the spew stream away from your computer

And one more time, suck it up guys! It's cute

Highlight four, which is really just a WTF moment.  Why is the girl wearing heels while playing basketball?  I’ve worn heels and I’ve played basketball, but never at the same time.  Knowing what is necessary for basketball I would certainly pick a better-suited pair of shoes for the job.  Not her though.  She’s skilled, or stupid.  You choose.

Hardcore in those heels

Actually the dance didn’t leave any impression on me, so I really have nothing to say or teach.  The music video was more plot driven, so if you like the dance so much, enlighten me as to a good part, if not, just enjoy the song.

Just because I don't have another good screen cap

So how about it, are you going to Touch Boyfriend’s Girl?

You got a new Boyfriend?

Boyfriend’s first song was named for their band, “Boyfriend.”  The song is about how they will protect and be a great boyfriend to you no matter what.  The music video on the other hand tells a slightly different story.  They make a CD for a girl and go to confess their feelings.  It starts off as KwangMin confessing, but he chickens out and MinWoo does it instead.  What the heck guys?  Aren’t you supposed to be this great boyfriend who will do anything for their girlfriend?  Then again, the prospect of being the girlfriend to these six guys (boys really, the jailbait alarm has already been rung) isn’t that bad.

Deer in headlights

Now MinWoo's turn

Highlight one, YoungMin’s wink.  OMFG kill me now.  It was so cute that it stopped my ovaries and lady parts from their daily routine.  I did say cute, not hot.  My ovaries did not explode and my lady parts didn’t get all tingly like I’ve mentioned before, they simply stopped to admire the cuteness radiating from this guy.

Secondly is something I remember from the first time I watched this music video.  I knew there was a band coming out with twins; I didn’t know it was this band when I watched the music video.  I was freaking out as to how one guy could go from blonde hair to black hair so many times in one video.  It wasn’t until KwangMin’s rap that I understood there were two of them.  By the way, thank you for making two of them; twincest and double the perving on this lovely pair of jailbait.

Exhibit A - Twin 1 - YoungMin

Exhibit B - Twin 2 - KwangMin

As for the dances, I think I loved almost every dance they did in this music video.  First off is the “drop people off dance” where they move across the stage, leaving a person behind in a different position each time, that one is awesome!  The second dance I love is all their ups and downs.  So cute!  Thirdly, the “hurl yourself across the room, but don’t trip dance.”  After their cute up and down dance they do this odd lean back and a jump that looks like their tripping backwards to me.  It’s a dance I would break myself doing, but I love it.

Does anyone else see themselves falling on their butts trying this move?

As for learning a dance, let’s go with the ups and downs.  When they sing their “eh eh eh” just clasp your hands in front of your chest, move them to the right of your head, crouch down, bring them to the left of your head, then back up straight and hands back to the right.  It works well if you have a friend to do it with you.  For you car dancers, or simply the uncoordinated, the clasping and up and down may be too much.  Just do one or the other, then work your way up to both at the same time.  Happy dancing!

Ups and Downs!

So what do you think about your new Boyfriend?


Boyfriend debuted May 26, 2011 with their title song Boyfriend, named after their band.  The band consists of DongHyun, HyunSung, JeongMin, YoungMin, KwangMin and Minwoo.  To see their full discography click here and to see the music video review of their third mini album “I’ll Be There” click here.  These boys are becoming more and more popular because of their consistent awesomeness.  Every song they come out with gains popularity, so keep an eye out for these guys.

I love this band so much!  Besides the fact that half of this band is JAILBAIT, they are still amazing.  I’m in love with YoungMin he’s so cute!!!!  I remember hearing about a band coming out with twins but when I saw them, I was thrilled.  Can you say twincest?  Yes, you can!  You don’t have to, but now the idea is planted in your head!  I also really like JeongMin, he’s cute and kind of reminds me of SHINee’s Onew, minus the chicken.  Basically, if Boyfriend comes out with it, I’m required to listen to it with a “like” bias.

Member Profiles


Name: Kim Donghyun (김동현)
Position: Leader
Birthday: February 12, 1989
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Education: Myeongji University Musical Science

  • Knows Japanese
  • He was in the KBS reality program called “Conduct Zero”
  • Appeared on “Star Golden Bell”


  • Featured in SISTAR’s Push Push Music Video
  • Has been a trainee at Starship Entertainment for about 6 years
  • Can play piano
  • Can’t spell “tiramisu”


Name: Shim Hyunseong (심현성)
Position: Lead Vocalist
Birthday: June 9, 1993
Education: Young Dong High School
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 58kg
Star Sign: Gemini

  • Voted most changed since debut by his band mates
  • Cried when band mates gave him a surprise birthday party
  • Can play the drums
  • Scared of cameras


Name: Lee JeongMin (이정민)
Position: Vocalist
Education: Seoul Music High School
Birthday: January 2, 1994
Height: 173cm
Weight: 60kg

  • Thinks he is lazy
  • Would date himself if he was a girl
  • Can play the piano
  • Has five favorite colors
  • Was a trainee for only one year


Name: Jo Youngmin (조영민)
Position: Vocalist
Birthday: April 24, 1995 (Older Twin)
Height: 180 cm
Chinese Zodiac: Pig
Star Sign: Taurus
Education: School of Performing Arts Seoul

  • Is twins with KwangMin
  • He is a student on the show “All My Love” with Kwangmin
  • Youngmin and Kwangmin appeared on an episode of “Truth Game” as children.
  • Is the laziest member of Boyfriend
  • Would date DongHyun if he was a girl
  • He and his brother were JYPE trainees for two years
  • He and KwangMin have a younger brother named HyunMin
  • Featured in SISTAR’s Push Push with KwangMin and DongHyun


Name: Jo Kwangmin (조광민)
Position: Rapper
Birthday: April 24, 1995 (Younger Twin)
Height: 180 cm
Chinese Zodiac: Pig
Star Sign: Taurus
Education: School of Performing Arts Seoul

  • Is twins with YoungMin
  • Was a backup dancer for K-Will
  • The hyper twin
  • Clumsier than YoungMin
  • Sleeps at the same time and in the same position as YoungMin


Name: No Minwoo (노민우)
Birthday: July 31, 1995
Position: Rapper, Maknae, Main Dancer
Height: 174 cm
Specialties: Acting, Hapikdo & Swimming
Education: School of Performing Arts Seoul

  • Was a student on “All My Love”
  • KBS1′s “My Sweetheart, My Darling” (2005)
  • He was a minor character SBS’s “Ghost Pang Pang” (2007) appeared as Kim Chul Doo (김철두)
  • KBS2′s “Wife and Woman” [AKA Windy City] (2008) appeared as Kwon Seung Il (권승일)
  • SBS’s “Amnok River Flows / Yalu River Flows” (2008)
  • Appeared as the adolescent stage of Mirok Li
  • Eleventh Mom (2007) (Movie)
  • Mother (2007) (Movie)


  • Calls YoungMin hyung, but not KwangMin
  • According to KwangMin, he’s bad at making ramyun
  • Used to run up and down the stairs for fun
  • Fan of Jessica from SNSD
  • Used to be called “moist” by people because he sweats a lot, is now called “wet”

Boyfriend Discography

Release Date: May 26, 2011

Track List:

  1. Let’s Get it Started
  2. Boyfriend
  3. You & I
  4. Boyfriend (Instrumental)
  5. You & I (Instrumental)


The Second Single Album – Don’t Touch My Girl
Release Date: October 6, 2011

Track List:

  1. You’re My Lady
  2. 내 여자 손대지마
  3. 점점점
  4. 내 여자 손대지마 (Instrumental)
  5. 점점점(Instrumental)


I’ll Be There
Release Date: December 8, 2011

Track List:

  1. Where R U
  2. 내가 갈게 (I’ll Be There)
  3. 혼자가 아닌 둘 (Not One, But Two)
  4. 내가 갈게 (I’ll Be There) (Instrumental)
  5. 혼자가 아닌 둘 (Not One, But Two) (Instrumental)