About the Creators



Birth Date: February 18, 1989
Birth Place: California, USA
Family: Parents
Education: Is cursed to never graduate college
Overseas Experience: Visited Mexico; spent two weeks in Iwata, Japan; and studied abroad at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea for ten months from 2009-2010; Layover in Osaka, Japan
Language Experience: English (native), Korean (high beginner), Japanese (beginner), Chinese (false beginner), Thai (false beginner), Spanish (false beginner)

  • Is a cat person, but also likes dogs
  • Christian
  • Blood type is type A
  • Moved about seven times in elementary school
  • Has known Velexa since 1999
  • Has worked in more than ten places
  • Before liking Korea, was in love with Japan. While she still likes Japan, she wants to learn more about Korea, then learn about/visit China, Taiwan, and Thailand before returning to Japan
  • The closest thing she has to regret is not knowing about DBSK before going to Japan, and not traveling more while in Korea
  • Likes cute things and Disney movies
  • Has four tattoos and five piercings
  • Enjoys drawing, my artwork can be found here (*shameless advertising*)



Birth Date: April 7, 1990
Birth Place: California, USA
Lives In: Youngdeok, South Korea
Family: mom, dad, half-sister, step-mom, aunt
Job: Elementary School teacher in South Korea
Education: B.A. – Integrated Studies and Special Major: Teaching EFL Through Cultural Reciprocity
Overseas Experience: Jamaica for about ten days; Osaka, Japan for a layover; Study abroad at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea for ten months from 2009-2010, Teaching in Youngdeok, South Korea August 2012 – March 2013, European Cruise in May 2014
Language Experience: English (native), Korean (low intermediate), Chinese (beginner), Spanish (high beginner), Japanese (beginner), Thai (False beginner), German (false beginner-haagendaaz), Italian (false beginner)

  • Is a dog person
  • Christian
  • Lived in the same house for eighteen years, first move was for college
  • Was the first to be introduced to Korean music-was told by a coworker to look up the letters “DBSK,” has it tattooed on her
  • Doesn’t know her blood type
  • Loves Disney movies
  • Likes crime dramas like CSI, NCIS, White Collar, etc.
  • It was her half-sister’s division that was followed by the producers of CSI
  • Good at puns
  • Got swine flu at the end of October while in Korea
  • Has five tattoos and four piercings

Facts About Both of Us:

  • Velexa’s initials are PJZ, and Redeim’s are BJE. Together, we’ve created the joint name of PB&J.
  • We have the same taste (if not very similar) in men
  • Even though Velexa is younger, she’s more of a leader than Redeim.  Normally Velexa will make the plans, and Redeim will follow.
  • Although the titles are different, Velexa and Redeim are practically in the same major, and both of us planned to become English teachers after we graduate.
  • Velexa and Redeim’s parents live literally a minute away from each other. Velexa and Redeim have been living together on and off since August 2009.
  • Many people who know both of us get surprised when we meet them alone, we’re normally a unit, though we’ve been trying to break that habit recently.
  • Velexa has a better memory. She can learn names, faces, and languages faster than Redeim
  • Thanks to Velexa, Redeim has finished about eight Korean dramas.
  • We’re just a little obsessed with Got7 right now.

Disclaimer: All images and information © their rightful owners. Unless stated otherwise, all images and information not from us.

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