A Message from MYNAME

MYNAME is a band produced by Fly to the Sky’s HwanHee (Fany), and I had mixed feeling about them.  I watched this music video right before Double A’s “Because I’m Crazy” and I couldn’t help but think that this red head, Seyong, looked a lot like Aoora.  I watched THEM first, but thought of Double A instead.   They just didn’t stick out.

Seyong and his read hair

The thing that did stick out was ChaeJin.  He’s beautiful, until I saw his birthday.  Okay, I can be a pedo noona, I’ve done it before, and I can do it again.  By the way, his birthday is December 26, 1995.  Yes, 1995.  I cried a little inside, I mean how can he be so pretty?  Do yourself a favor boy and run now before the perving eyes of pedo noonas like myself find you.  We’ll wait until you’re legal to touch you, but we can still perv with our eyes.  Oh, did I mention he has a smirk of pure win?  He does, I love it, ergo I love him even more.

smirk = squeeee~


Upon watching this music video a second time I began to warm up to it.  I was kind of disappointed that HwanHee hadn’t really gotten a lot of singers but InSoo and Gunwoo are good.  I just didn’t catch it the first time, somehow.  The song is catchy and the beat is fun, all in all I give them a B, maybe a B+.  If they’d left a lasting impression the first time, they’d have a higher grade.

Gunwoo reacing for you, InSoo's arms outstretched

As for the lyrics, they’re trying to send you a message, a heartfelt message.  We never find out just what they’re trying to send, but you don’t seem like you want to pick up your phone.  It’s a message!  Just look at it already and stop these poor guys from waiting!

The dance actually did impress me, a little.  I love the fall move at the beginning, mainly because I’m too much of a chicken to ever do it.  I also really love the synchronized jump during the chorus.  There’re a few sections for “fancy” footwork which is just tamed b-boy moves.  Most of the time in a dance segment, Seyong is front and center, which is fine, he’s hot.  I will gladly watch.

Gravity works... well

As for you, wanting to learn this dance, wait until after the chorus when they start the “Oh Oh Oh~” and just start tapping your right leg to the beat (not recommended if you’re in the car, it makes for odd acceleration or jerky braking).  You can also take your hands and place them near your sides, palms facing forward, on the last “Oh” bring them across your chest and close your fists, then back down, open palmed (this one is recommended for the car, unless you can’t drive no handed).  For those over achievers, do them both at the same time, leaned forward a little, just like the music video.  There you go!  Now you finally got that message they were trying to send!

So what do you think? Will you listen to the message from MYNAME?

3 thoughts on “A Message from MYNAME

  1. Velexa says:

    I agree, but at first I only loved AA. Now I love both bands. My love for ChaeJin and SeYong is strong but my love for WooSang is also pretty strong.

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