An Infinite number of Confessions

Infinite has been around for a while but they hopped onto this Christmas theme song thing, and I must admit, it’s adorable!  Listen, I love Kpop, but sometimes there are entirely too many bands coming out at one time, so, honestly, I had no idea who was who in Infinite, but because of this music video, I learned!  They were so cute, I had to learn. Of all the Infinite music videos I’ve seen I think this is the best one to learn their names with.  No fast screen shots moving from one person to the next, and no crazy make up or hairstyles that will most definitely change by the next video.  Simply plain, hot guys walking the streets, hunting for gifts.

Some thing that really stuck out to me was the MyungYeol (the MyungSoo (L) and SungYeol pairing) action.  They were so cute shopping together.  The other two who stuck out were DongWoo and SungGyu playing with the nutcracker(s).  They’re such dorks, but so cute.  Adorkable?  I’m going to call them that from now on.  This music video is adorkable!



The song is about a botched confession.  These boys wanted to confess their feelings to you, but somehow that didn’t happen.  They got too scared and chickened out.  Now they’re taking the holiday season and the beautiful snow as their inspiration and they’re going to confess to you.  For real this time.  The snow gives them courage to tell you how they feel!  As for the storyline in the music video, it’s about the Infinite boys searching for a gift.  They can’t confess to you empty handed can they?

WooHyun is desperate, huh?

I was actually very surprised about the dancing (lack of it, actually) in this music video.  Infinite is known for their precise, clean moves that dubs them as a sort of dance crew, but in this music video, there is no dance.  It’s meant to be cute and Christmas-y.  It left me just slightly disappointed, because I have a thing for their synchronization, but the overflowing cuteness of them bringing me presents made me forget about the dance.  Who needs a dance, I get to spend my Christmas with the Infinite boys!

So will you accept Infinite’s White Confession?

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