I’ll Be There, will Boyfriend?

Boyfriend has been out for a while now and they are well known for their two members, YoungMin and KwangMin, the Jo Twins.  This song is their third single and I must say I’m impressed.  Many bands come out with the same kinds of songs every time, but Boyfriend, I’ve seen them grow with each new music video.  Their growth might not be apparent to some, but I’ve seen their singing abilities and personalities come to life with each new music video.

One of the first things that stuck out to me was the lack of YoungMin singing; sorry he’s my bias, so I noticed.  Also, they decided to dye YoungMin’s hair a darker shade of brown, poor unsuspecting fans who don’t there are twins in the group.  There are also a lot of quick scene changes where YoungMin and KwangMin are being shown right after each other.  At this point, they really are trying to confuse you. I’d also like to point out the producer’s obvious KwangMin bias.  In both the second music video and this one, during the dance segments KwangMin is highlighted.  I’m not necessarily sure how good of a dancer he is, but he stands out as the only one in red pants.

So cute and fluffy!!!!

BAM! Red Pants!

The second thing I noticed was HyunSung.  He never stuck out to me before but in this music video his voice really impressed me.  I’m a HyunSung fan now. He’s so pretty and his voice is powerful.  He says he dieted a lot in order to change his image, not that I thought he needed to lose weight, but he looks great now!

Thirdly, I’m in love with JeongMin’s hat.  It looks so warm, I want to wear it.  He looks so cute and huggable.  I just want to cuddle him!

I want that hat!!!

The song is about these boys wanting to be there for you.  For some odd reason, you ran away from these cute boys (could it be that half of them are born in 1995?) and now they’re questioning themselves.  Were they not reliable men?  They want to prove themselves to you.  They want you to know that they will be there, no matter what!  As for the music video itself, the only real story there is the girl at the beginning with KwangMin.  She’s crazy and leaves KwangMin because he’s unreliable?  She tries to give him back a snow globe, but he doesn’t take it back.  By the end of the music video we see that Boyfriend has been dancing around inside that snow globe.  Maybe they’re trying to say that they’re always with you, even when you leave them.

Snow globe right above this

As for the dancing, they’re a boy band, of course they dance.  I like the “where did you go” dance, with the sailor pose.  It’s so cute.  They also do this knee rubbing dance that made my insides squee in delight.  It’s cute, but meant to be sexy?  I don’t know, but it was overdone a little, but in this case, too much was a good thing.  During the chorus they have this choo-choo train slash show off your muscles (if only they were in the right kind of shirts) dance.  I love it, it’s cool but cute.  Very chic.

Down and dirty?

Unf!!! Macho Macho Man!!! Haha, they try

If you want to dance to this song, there’s a cool clock ticking move they do.  Take your left hand put it in front of your chest and face it away from your body, palm open.  Take your right hand and point your finger.  Put it in front of your left hand and bend your wrist twice.  It looks like a ticking clock, right?  Also you can dance to the “where did you go” part.  Take you right hand and put it up to your brow (don’t touch it), like you’re blocking the sun. Tap your left heel two counts then move your body to the left, leave your hand where it was.  Tap your heel another two times and move your body back to its original position.  This works in the car if you forego the tapping.  Happy dancing!

So tell me, will you let Boyfriend be there for you?

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