Clap for Teen Top

This music video is older, but I still remember everything that stuck out to me the first time.  After watching this video, I was ready and waiting for anything Teen Top came out with, though I must ring the JAILBAIT alarm again.  The oldest member was born in 1992 and the youngest in 1995, so there are two members who are jailbait right now.

Some things that stood out were Niel and his hat and glove.  They are so sexy, plus who can deny Niel and his lips?  If you can, GTFO.  Also CAP and his abs.  Holy crap, why does a guy born in 1992 who was 18 at the time have abs like that?  At least he was legal the entire time though.  I feel a little less guilty and a little less pedo.

Legal Abs, yummy

I also have a thing for violins (any musical instrument really, but violins are among my favorites), so L.Joe and that violin just made me all sorts of happy. As for personalities, CAP and his sexy breath and wannabe intense rap sticks out.  He was trying to go for that Taecyeon intensity but by the time he got there, Niel was singing over him, poor guy.

Violin = happy


This music video has no plot.  A school, a girl, an airplane and these guys are going crazy because they like her?  It’s insanity.  The music video and lyrics have virtually nothing to do with each other, if you can relate them, I’ll let you live in your delusion, otherwise just watch it for the jailbait and eye candy.

Random girl for lack of plotting

As for the dancing, I liked it.  One of my favorite parts is when Niel is singing his “Oh oh oh” and he moves his hand in front of his face.  I feel like he’s that kid in the classroom trying to answer his teacher’s question but gets distracted by a butterfly.  In this case the butterfly is his hand and the teacher’s question is the chorus of the song, but you get my point.  They also have this really cool foot dance that I love.  I’d break my legs trying to do it, because I’d lose my footing one way or another.

Look it's a hand!

Feet are going somewhere, they on the other hand, aren't

As for learning the dance to this song, go for the chorus.  During the “cra-crazy” part take your right hand and put it to your head, then shove your head around like your crazy, but do it on beat.  Then during the “cl- cl- cl- cla- cla- clap mad man” put your left hand over your right in front of you and clap them like a monster eating something.  Clap them five times to the beat, then put your left hand up by your shoulder, like you’re going to shrug, put your right hand down by your hip then bring them together to clap again.  All this is done on beat.  It’s a little hard to explain, but easy to do if you watch the music video.  Happy dancing!


Will Teen Top make it to the top?  Will you clap for them?

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