I’m Supa in Luv with Teen Top

Supa Luv was Teen Top’s second single and I’ll be honest the first thing the stuck out to me was Eric.  Yes, Shinhwa’s Eric.  I had thought he was still in the military when this music video came out so my lady parts were all kinds of excited when I saw him.


Second thing that stood out was the amount of “unf” in Niel and CAP’s hair.  Niel (he’s my bias if you can’t tell by now) just looked amazing and CAP’s hair with his guyliner really did it for me.

Neatest sex hair on the planet

Guyliner and blue streaks, be still my exploding ovaries

Thirdly, WTF ChunJi?  Why didn’t I notice you in the first music video?  He’s so friggin’ pretty and cute here.  Winks and lips?  What’s a girl to do?

My heart just exploded!

Lips!!! Squee~

Lastly is a tie between ChangJo, actually getting screen time, and L.Joe and his lips and pink hair.  I have a thing for men touching their lips, and L.Joe, unlike ChangJo, is legal, so I might have to give this last spot to L.Joe.  Sorry ChangJo, your consolation prize is still a picture in this post.

My heart can't take much more of this

His consolation prize

As for the music video having a plot, there actually is one.  I had to re-watch to find it, but there is one.  Eric activates his six agents, Teen Top, to go find a girl.  The song is about these boys and how super their love is, so maybe this girl is supposed to be their target…practice?  Who knows?  All I know is that I’m proud that I found plot, sort of.

As for the dancing, I love this entire music video for it’s dancing.  The actual Supa Luv dance is like a sprinkler, and then the ovaries exploding dance, or full belly dance, whichever you want to call it is awesome.

Ovaries exploding/Full belly dance

For the Supa Luv dance, put your right arm straight up in the arm, and your left arm straight out to your left (if you’re in your car please modify accordingly for passengers or doors).  Then bring your right arm down and put your right hand to your ear, pointing your elbow out in front of you, use your left arm like a DJ scratching a record.  Do it all on beat and you’re golden.  For the ovaries exploding dance/full belly dance during the “oh” part put your hands on you ovaries, for men put them on your lower stomach, lean back into an odd position and sway your shoulders to the beat.  Again, for car dancers modify accordingly.  Happy Dancing!

What do you think?  Are Teen Top Supa Luvers?

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