There’s no more perfume on me, how about Teen Top?

향수 뿌리지마 or No More Perfume On You, is Teen Top’s third single.  I love this song, it’s so damn catchy.  This song is like a dream come true for people like Redeim and I.  The younger boys can have their girlfriends, but we get to play with them whenever we want and we don’t have the full time job of babysitting a younger boyfriend.  I approve of this song and it’s message!  Kind of….

My heart melted

Okay, first impressions, WTF ChunJi?  ChunJi is adorable and cute, ergo he’s gay, and a bottom, so how the hell is he supposed to have a girlfriend, let alone be cheating on her with another girl?  ChunJi wishes he had that much testosterone, but every time he winks or touches his lips, a little more leeches out of him.

Leeched out when next to a girl, see?

In second place comes CAP.  I know I keep mentioning that he looks like Dalmatian’s Inati, but here I go again.  He looks just like him in “Lover Cop.”  L.Joe does his lip thing for me again, but otherwise not that much actually stood out.  Not even my bias, Niel.



Why do you do this to my ovaries L.Joe?

Plot, there is tons of it in this music video.  The song is about Teen Top telling their noona to stop spraying perfume, because then their girlfriend will find out.  In the music video, ChunJi’s the player, somehow.  To avoid issues, he gives his girlfriend and noona the same perfume.  Someone thinks they’re slick don’t they?  In the end he gets caught, but he smiles about it.  What’s up with that?

Texting his noona while his girlfriend is watching

You caught me! It's true, I have a second fag hag!

As for the dance, the only part that really sticks out is when they say “Noona’s body is really really sexy” and they ease their hands into their back pockets and turn around all slow and creeper-like.  There is one live performance (Redeim and I aren’t crazy, we just can’t find it anymore) where CAP turns around with this “hello children” smile on his face and it was amazing!!!  If we ever come across it again, we’ll be sure to link it.

Proof he has a creeper smile! "Hello children!"

Learning a dance for this isn’t that hard.  During the chorus when they say “don’t spray perfume” take your right thumb and index finger and pick up your collar.  Move your collar like you’re sniffing it and then pull it away slowly.  Then the next time, do it again with the other hand.  Again, I’m not good at describing these things; watch the music video and you’ll get it.  This is a car safe dance if you’ve mastered driving one handed so dance on!!!

So, are you going to stop wearing that perfume or will you get Teen Top in trouble?

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