Be Mine or be Infinite’s

This is my favorite song of theirs so far.  내꺼하자 or Be Mine was just so fierce.  I love the grayscale/plain color thing that they have going on.  It was hot, and mischievous and dare I say it, a little dirty.  I don’t know what about it made it dirty, but I’ll blame L.  Sorry, had to blame someone.

With that smirk, how can I not blame you?

I’m excited they’ve finally done it.  They’re trying to actually get a girl, rather than get over a girl or get a girl they’ve lost back.  You go guys!!  The song has lines like “I’ll protect you” and “I hate seeing you hurt,” but they don’t seem to be keeping up with their promises.  They kind of just stand there and watch the girl freak out and get shot at.  I don’t blame them, if she’s getting shot at, she might not be the best girlfriend material.

Nice job SungJong! That seems to be working fine!

Highlight one, SungGyu.  There are a few things that stuck out about him, first off was that neck tattoo.  There were a bunch of arrows pointing down.  I felt like they were directing you to the source of his voice of awesome, and whatever he might have under that shirt.  Second was his sex hair.  Unf.  He was hot.  Thirdly, his voice, but alas I can’t screen cap that.

His lips are hot here too


Highlight two, WooHyun’s chest.  I need to personally thank Infinite’s stylist for putting that shirt on WooHyun.  I love how it’s a huge collar that hangs so low and uselessly that it perfectly suits my pervy tastes. Bon appetit!

Yes, I would like another serving, please

Highlight number three, SungJong; sorry he is my bias after all.  What I was saying earlier about the gray scale/plain colors is true, but then they put SungJong in this stunning blue.  It was beautiful and artistic.  Not that I claim to know anything about artistic-ness but I claim to love SungJong, so there you have it.  Squee~

Highlight four goes along with the dance section.  I love their dance for their “oh” parts.  Fans call it the scorpion dance, I call it the “Exploding ovaries in 3 2 1” dance.  The right hand shooting out quickly to your right the first time, then to the front the second time, unf (for those of you wanting to learn a dance for this song, that was it).  I hope you all appreciate this review, because my ovaries went through all nine levels of hell to get this to you.

My ovaries are in a perpetual state of explosion

So tell me, will you belong to Infinite?

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