Don’t Touch Boyfriend’s Girl

Boyfriend’s second music video is 내 여자 손대지마 or “Don’t Touch My Girl.”  The song is about how they don’t want anyone to touch their girlfriend, but somehow they still lose her.  The music video just about sums that up, starting off with the boys being all cute with their girlfriend and then she disappears.  Honestly, will someone tell me where these girls keep running?  Who are they running to that they would run AWAY from these guys or any of the other boy bands that talk about losing a girl?  Me, I’ll stay put and make sure no one lays a hand on me.

He's my bias, so I need at least one picture of him in this review

Highlight one, SHINee needs to keep a better eye on their closet.  Infinite and Boyfriend have both raided their closet and stolen their signature, colorful, tight pants.  Thanks SHINee!

Borrowed from SHINee

Highlight two, KwangMin.  First off is his hair cut.  Suddenly, he doesn’t look so much like his twin brother, but they’re both still hot so don’t worry.  Second is his white suit.  Why does he get special treatment?  I don’t have an issue with it, but at the end, everyone is in black suits but not KwangMin.  BAM, look at the white suit standing out among the black ones.

Short hair, and not looking like his brother

BAM! White suit!

Highlight three, JeongMin and the girl’s teeth brushing scene.  I wanted to barf, but in a good way, if that’s even possible.  It was cute!

Aim the spew stream away from your computer

And one more time, suck it up guys! It's cute

Highlight four, which is really just a WTF moment.  Why is the girl wearing heels while playing basketball?  I’ve worn heels and I’ve played basketball, but never at the same time.  Knowing what is necessary for basketball I would certainly pick a better-suited pair of shoes for the job.  Not her though.  She’s skilled, or stupid.  You choose.

Hardcore in those heels

Actually the dance didn’t leave any impression on me, so I really have nothing to say or teach.  The music video was more plot driven, so if you like the dance so much, enlighten me as to a good part, if not, just enjoy the song.

Just because I don't have another good screen cap

So how about it, are you going to Touch Boyfriend’s Girl?

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