Infinite debuts with Come Back (Again)!

This is the first time I’ve run into this problem, but I have no doubt that it won’t be the last.  I’m trying to write my first impressions of music videos that I’ve seen months or years ago.  The biggest problem here is “first impressions,” so instead of first impressions, I’ll change the word to highlights.

Highlight one, L’s hats, both the green and yes-officer-you-can-cuff-me hat.  They’re friggin’ sexy on this man.

Gangsta with that leprechaun hat

Yes-officer-you-can-cuff-me hat, unf

Highlight number two, WooHyun’s sex hair.  Enough said.  I imagine that this is what his hair would look like as he got out of bed to go to the bathroom in the morning after a long, wonderful night with me.

Yeah, he'd look that satiisfied too

Highlight three, lawn chair dork time.  DongWoo is adorkable; I mentioned this in the White Confession review.  This time he’s being adorkable with SungJong.  In this same highlight I must mention SungJong being so friggin’ cute in that sidecar.  I just want to keep his as my little pet bunny (no Aki intended… maybe).

I believe I can spazz!

Highlight four, L biting his lip.  Unf.

Did I mention his lip biting is an unf face?

The song is about how these guys can’t bear being without you anymore and how they want you to come back to them.  The music video on the other hand… well it seems they lost their fox.  The fox can send emails and leave notes, but awesome as the fox may be, she left the Infinite boys.  They all head out to find her and eventually do.  Is fox meant to represent a foxy girl?

This was Infinite’s debut song and they showcased their synchronized dancing skills.  AWESOME!  My favorite parts are probably the same as the two I’ll explain for you guys in the how to dance section: the “come back again dance” and the “air guitar.”

Air guitar!

Come here!

Learning these dances is pretty easy, especially for you car dancers, no footwork involved.  I myself am a car dancer; so for explanations on footwork, look elsewhere.  For the air guitar sections, anytime you hear that guitar sound that they play at the beginning of the song, rock on my friends.  As for the “come back again dance” just put your right hand out in front of you and motion for someone to “come here.”  Make sure your palm is up when you do this; I know in some cultures (like Korean) you make the “come here” motion with your hand facing the ground.  Happy dancing!

What do you think?  Will you come back to Infinite?

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