Nothing’s Over when it comes to Infinite

Nothing’s Over was a catchy song that was just awesome.  Highlight one of the music video is SungYeol’s corpse status.  He doesn’t do anything.  He’s dead almost the entire music video.  It’s awesome.  I dub him ZombieYeol.


Highlight two, DongWoo laying claim to SungYeol’s butt, twice.  Yes, the grabbing of butts occurs in this music video, watch carefully and you’re welcome.  Enjoy.

Grab Number One!

Grab Two, and he holds on for a while!

Highlight three, the SHINee pants.  WTF guys, you look like a pastel Crayola box.

Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

Highlight four, creeper SungJong appearing in the back seat and scaring SungYeol.  Go SungJong!  You know he tattles on you. So get him back!

Creeper face, he's going to get you ZombieYeol!

The song is about how Infinite isn’t ready for your relationship to be over with yet.  At the beginning a ring is thrown at SungYeol, that’s the break up.  For the rest of the music video, he’s basically a zombie because he’s upset about the break up.  At some point near the end of the music video he gets up enough umph to drive at least… that’s a good thing.

The ring that turned SungYeol into ZombieYeol

My favorite dance in this music video is the shimmy.  Men who can shimmy, even if it’s slow and on a beat, make my lady parts happy.

Learn the shimmy, it’s not hard.  Take your hands, ball them into loose fist and put them out to your sides, like you’re going to shrug.  Use your shoulders to push one side of your chest forward, then the other side.  That’s the basics of a shimmy.  Now do it on beat when they do their “eh eh eh eh” and you’ve got it.  Works well in the car too.  Dance on!

So is it really over between you and Infinite?

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