Were you with Infinite Before the Dawn?

My first impression of this music video, and every impression I’ve had since, no matter how many times I watch it is: WHAT THE FUCK?  What happened?  What is going on?

How fitting that it's actually an Infinite member

I’m actually going to start with plot, this time around to try and help all those (myself included) who are confused.  The plot is WooHyun and L stuck in a place and they have to get out before dawn or they’ll be stuck there forever.  Problem one: shadow man keeps handing their asses to them.  Solution one: team up and kill him.  Problem two: only one of them can get out.  Solution two: beat the crap out of each other.  Problem three: WooHyun is too kind hearted.  Solution three: helps L and tries to escape with him.  Final outcome: stuck there forever.  Again I say WTF!

I'm sorry did I have your ass, here have it back

Highlights are DongWoo’s kick-ass red hair and SungJong’s long, blonde hair.

As for the dancing, I can honestly say not a lot stands out.  There was a moment where the entire band does that b-boy dance move to stand up.  It was pretty cool.  As for learning a dance move, this time you’re on your own.  There is one I can kind of think of, but my head is still reeling, trying to understand this music video.

So has the plot to this music video dawned on you yet or is it still Before the Dawn?

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