You got a new Boyfriend?

Boyfriend’s first song was named for their band, “Boyfriend.”  The song is about how they will protect and be a great boyfriend to you no matter what.  The music video on the other hand tells a slightly different story.  They make a CD for a girl and go to confess their feelings.  It starts off as KwangMin confessing, but he chickens out and MinWoo does it instead.  What the heck guys?  Aren’t you supposed to be this great boyfriend who will do anything for their girlfriend?  Then again, the prospect of being the girlfriend to these six guys (boys really, the jailbait alarm has already been rung) isn’t that bad.

Deer in headlights

Now MinWoo's turn

Highlight one, YoungMin’s wink.  OMFG kill me now.  It was so cute that it stopped my ovaries and lady parts from their daily routine.  I did say cute, not hot.  My ovaries did not explode and my lady parts didn’t get all tingly like I’ve mentioned before, they simply stopped to admire the cuteness radiating from this guy.

Secondly is something I remember from the first time I watched this music video.  I knew there was a band coming out with twins; I didn’t know it was this band when I watched the music video.  I was freaking out as to how one guy could go from blonde hair to black hair so many times in one video.  It wasn’t until KwangMin’s rap that I understood there were two of them.  By the way, thank you for making two of them; twincest and double the perving on this lovely pair of jailbait.

Exhibit A - Twin 1 - YoungMin

Exhibit B - Twin 2 - KwangMin

As for the dances, I think I loved almost every dance they did in this music video.  First off is the “drop people off dance” where they move across the stage, leaving a person behind in a different position each time, that one is awesome!  The second dance I love is all their ups and downs.  So cute!  Thirdly, the “hurl yourself across the room, but don’t trip dance.”  After their cute up and down dance they do this odd lean back and a jump that looks like their tripping backwards to me.  It’s a dance I would break myself doing, but I love it.

Does anyone else see themselves falling on their butts trying this move?

As for learning a dance, let’s go with the ups and downs.  When they sing their “eh eh eh” just clasp your hands in front of your chest, move them to the right of your head, crouch down, bring them to the left of your head, then back up straight and hands back to the right.  It works well if you have a friend to do it with you.  For you car dancers, or simply the uncoordinated, the clasping and up and down may be too much.  Just do one or the other, then work your way up to both at the same time.  Happy dancing!

Ups and Downs!

So what do you think about your new Boyfriend?

4 thoughts on “You got a new Boyfriend?

    • Velexa says:

      It’s fun, right? I love dances. I just need one thing to make me feel accomplished in a song. Who is your favorite in Boyfriend?

      • Ah it used to be the twins, first Kwangmin then Youngmin and now I’m thinking it’s Min Woo. He’s just too cute. It’s hard for me to take him seriously as a man. Lol good thing he isn’t yet.

  1. I think it’s hard to not like the twins first, they stand out the most. For me personally, I think I should get into Donghyun more, since he’s my age. xD

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