I Love Ya, SS501

Love Ya was SS501’s last song all together, before their contracts expired and they left us wanting more, because this song is hot!  The song is about how these boys keep watching you suffer because of love, and they want you to forget about all those other guys and just come to them.  They’ll love you right (oh, yeah, I said it.  You were thinking it, but I said it.  Love me right any time you want!)  The music video on the other hand is dark and doesn’t really reflect the lyrics, but does it really matter?  They’re hot!

Highlight one, JungMin’s rasp and HyungJun’s high note at the end of the song.  Sadly, no screen caps, so the real highlight one is the mask gloves.  Their teaser photos had them in masks and it was hot, now they’re gloves double as masks.  I like this idea of things doubling.  If the gloves have two uses, how many uses do these boys have?

Mask Glove!

Highlight two, the randomly see through clothes.  All the members have it, but JungMin is my bias, so look at him. Yum.


Highlight three, my ovaries exploding, I mean HyunJoong’s lips.  If you guys know who U-KISS is they do this thing where they wipe their lips and offer it to you (kind of throw it at you) well HyunJoong does the same thing and my ovaries are no more.  This man’s lips are all kinds of sexy.  Sinful, but so, so good.

This hurts to look at, but I can't look it away

There’s not really a dance to learn from this music video, but their hip thrusting stuck out to me (I wonder why).  It was actually kind of awkward.  I guess they weren’t required to have the hip moving skills of some of the current idols like JoKwon, SungJong and KiKwang.  Click on their names if you want to see what I’m talking about.  I do love SS501 though so I will take their hips thrusts where I can find them.  Besides, all they need is a little practice and they’ll get better.  Anyone want to help me train these boys?

Will you let SS501 Love Ya?

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