Kim HyunJoong is one Lucky Guy

Lucky Guy is a fun upbeat song by Kim HyunJoong that just made me smile.  It’s just such a fun song, you can’t help but get all giddy listening to it.  The lyrics are about this guy who feels lucky, like he’s on top of the world, and the music video pretty much reflects that.  The only difference is that in the music video, he’s a wanted criminal.

The first thing that stuck out to me was his makeup.  It’s a little off.  I don’t know exactly what it is about it, but he just doesn’t look right.  I love me some HyunJoong, but I can’t handle that first thing.  By the end of the music video I had digested it a little better, but it’s hard to look at in the beginning.

It's just weird

Second thing is that Super Mario Brother sound.  If you listen carefully you can hear the collecting a coin sound.  Fun and nostalgic, now we’re talking!  Third and final thing is that killer smile at the end.  He knows he’s caught and he’s being arrested but damn him he wanted to leave you with no ovaries so he flashes you that killer grin!

Goodbye ovaries! Hello lady wood!

As for dancing, I like the “Plotting Something” dance.  During the “shake it shake it” part he puts his hands together, fingers outstretched and turns them against each other.  Think of it like a maniacal bad guy scheming.  They’d probably do something like this dance move.  Anyway, it’s adorable!  Happy dancing!

Is HyunJoong your Lucky Guy?

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