SS501 are Snow Princes?

“Snow Prince” was the first SS501 song I heard and fell in love with.  It’s an older music video so I warn you now, there will be no screen caps, just pictures and the music video link at the bottom.  Anyways, this song is barfable, but in a good way.  They want to confess their feelings to you and become your prince!  The music video on the other hand has different plans.  It was about them auditioning for something or other with this song.  Regardless, it’s cute.

Highlight one, KyuJong’s hat.  It’s so cute and makes him look adorable.  I just want to hug him, and that’s usually not where my fantasies end, but this one ends right there.

Feast on the hat and glasses

Highlights two and three are both JungMin.  The first are those glasses and the second that hat.  Yes please, I’ll have another helping of that.

He might not be wearing the hat, but close enough, plus there's still KyuJong

As for the dance I didn’t really see one that stuck out or that you could try, but it’s still an awesome song!  Please love SS501!

Can SS501 be your Snow Prince?

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