SS501 has Unlocked something new

*This music video is too old and the quality is bad so no screen caps.  Sorry.

SS501’s “Unlock” was awesome!  I love this song and to this day I will still rock this in my car.  The lyrics and music video have nothing to do with each other and there isn’t much meaning, so just ignore that part of the song and let’s move onto impressions and highlights.

Just going to ease on by this part of the review with a smile

My first impression is how much this music video reminds me of DBSK’s “Tri-Angle,” with all the extravagant outfits and whatnot.  It’s not a bad thing, I just noticed it.  Besides, I love “Tri-Angle” I don’t mind the reminder.



Second impression is how much YoungSaeng’s hair looks like JaeJoong’s in DBSK’s “The Way U Are” music video.  I know I’m comparing the two bands a lot, but they were in competition with each other, and they are similar so it’s only fitting.  I love both SS501 and DBSK equally and yes, that is possible.



Lastly, HyunJoong is friggin’ sexy as sin with his hair like that.  I saw him and then had lady wood.  What’s a girl to do?  He’s so friggin’ hot!!!!


Some other random thoughts and things to watch for in the music video are JungMin’s man on man face time section.  He’s nice and close to another guy and it was pleasant.  Also, HyungJun can hit some nice high notes.  Now I know whose voice I’ve been enjoying so often.  Lastly, it looks fun to paint with motorcycles; maybe I should try it some time…. Maybe that’s not such a good idea, I’m not very artistic.

Has SS501 Unlocked anything inside you?

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