SS501 has ushered you a Warning

*No screen caps because the video is old and bad quality, sorry.
“Warning” was SS501’s debut song and OMFG they were so little!!!!  They just look so young it killed me.  Not only did they look so little but according to the song they were being two timed by their girl and now they have no intention of forgiving her.  How can such little guys bear such a grudge?  (The funniest thing about this is, they’re all older than me, but I’ still calling them little).

As for impressions I can’t give you much.  I love the song, but nothing was very outstanding in this music video.  The only thing that killed me was JungMin in that white hat, but then again, JungMin in any hat has that effect on me.

I hope you enjoy SS501 and their work.  Maybe someday they’ll get back together as a band, if not then we always have these music videos to serve as our memories.  Enjoy!

Are you going to heed SS501’s Warning?

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