A kiss from F(x) Chu~

I can honestly say that I don’t know much about F(x) but I do love their music, so this will be fun.  F(x)’s “Chu~” is about how these girls are pretty innocent when it comes to the world, but they want to be kissed.  Chu is the sound of a kiss.  The music video is adorable showing all these girls dreaming of being kissed.  Wouldn’t you guys like to kiss them?

So cute!

Okay, so I’ll admit I had a little bit of a harder time writing these reviews on a girl band and perving on them, but F(x) made it pretty easy.  If I can post pictures of JungMin simply because he’s hot then my first highlight can easily be Krystal!  She’s so pretty in this music video (she’s pretty no matter what).  I’m so jealous!

Highlight two, Sulli being cute.  I just want to pinch her cheeks.  She and Krystal are jailbait, so you can look but no touching.  Sulli just looks so confused with her counting.  Don’t you just want to teach her math?  No?  Me neither, I hate math.

I only asked what 1 + 1 was

Highlight three, Amber.  I would go lesbian for Amber, and then she gave me lip service.  Touching lips is always a good thing, thank you Amber.


As for the dance, the “Chu” dance is adorable.  Cross your hands over your chest and then put them out by your sides.  You have to do some cute little waddle hop thing and point your right hand forward, then repeat the same thing only the left hand.  It’s fun, and now that I have a gif maker, I’m much lazier in describing dance moves.  Car drivers, ignore the waddle hop and rock on with the hands.  Happy dancing!

Will you give F(x) a kiss?

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