Are you the Juliette to SHINee’s Romeo?

SHINee’s “Juliette” was awesome!  It’s a love song to their girl Juliette, so those of us not named Juliette just ignore that part of the song (though it’s the title, haha).  The music video plays up the masked ball in Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” by having the SHINee boys and the girl wearing masks.


Highlight one, ORIGINAL SHINee pants, bishes!  I know I’ve mentioned some other bands that stole clothes from SHINee’s closet, but this is where they come from.  Hooray for bright, tight pants.

Welcome to the original Crayola box

Highlight two, JongHyun’s voice but since that can’t be screen capped I will amend highlight two to JongHyun’s mouth.  This man has a hard time keeping his mouth closed and it used to drive me crazy (and not in a sexual way, I just wanted to go over and close his mouth for him).  Now, I’ve realized it’s just a wonderful indicator of his prowess in bed.  He’s demonstrating his skills for us.  Bask in the glory of JongHyun’s mouth, I know I will.


Highlight three, TaeMin.  There’s plenty to praise.  First, being the eternal jailbait (he’s legal now, but he wasn’t in this music video) he’s so pretty.  Second, I love his blue contacts, they made him look so friggin’ hot.  Third, why the hip thrust, no one else does it?  Why make the youngest do such a hard hip thrust?  I think he just gave pedobear a concussion.  Regardless, me gusta.

Blue contacts! Squee~

BAM! In your face Pedobear!

As for the dance, there is so much going on in this music video that I can’t even pick a scene to screen cap or gif.  The easiest thing to do is the “girl” dance.  When they say “Juliette” use your hands and make the outline of a woman, or an hourglass, whichever you choose.  Happy dancing!

Will you be SHINee’s Juliette?

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