F(x) is NU ABO

“NU ABO” was supposed to stand for the girl’s blood types but the song doesn’t seem to care that much about that.  The song is basically these girls talking to an onni about falling in love and how it’s hard for them because of their personalities.  The music video on the other hand doesn’t have much plot; just enjoy all the eye candy that they have to offer.

Eye Candy

Highlight one, awesome hair.  Suddenly I have the urge to go to the salon and get my hair done like this.  Alas, I have curly hair so they would never work out for me.

Highlight two, Luna’s powerful voice.  Sadly I can’t screen cap that but you can have a picture of Luna looking hot and awesome instead.

Highlight three, jailbait on jailbait.  Sulli and Krystal have their hands on each other’s thighs and they sink down.  One, they’re pretty, two they’re sexy doing this, three, they’re jailbait so it just makes it all the better.

Care to join in a jailbait threesome?

Last highlight is Victoria’s headband.  I just think she looks so cute in it, plus add the hair and we just have one sexy Vic-omma.

As for the dance, I choose the dance they do during the “Na na na” part of the song.  The first part of it looks like “The Monkey” for those of you who watched or remembers Johnny Bravo, and the second part is the “Put Make Up On” dance.  For “The Monkey” just put your arms out straight in front of you, ball your hands into fists and pump them up and down, alternating which one is up and which one is down.  The “Put Make Up On” looks just like it sounds.  Hold a fake mirror with one hand and apply make up to your face with the other.  Watch the gif or music video for visuals.  Happy dancing!

Would you fall in love with these girls, despite their personalities?

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