Get some La Cha Ta with F(x)

“La Cha Ta” was F(x)’s debut song and these girls rocked it.  The song is just a general party song telling people to dance and have a good time, so that’s kind of what the music video is like, just these girls hanging out, having a great time.

Highlight one, Amber and that hat and that hair.  Unf.  This woman breaks the woman code.  You know that unspoken rule in the man code where guys don’t hit other guys in the nuts (intentionally), well there’s a code like that in the woman code.  Girls don’t explode other girl’s ovaries.  Damn you Amber.

That fire you see is from my ovaries exploding

Highlight two, Amber in the blue tank top.  Sorry I’m a little Amber biased, but she’s friggin’ hot in that blue tank.  You go girl!


Highlight three, Luna’s baggy pants.  Sorry there’s not a really good picture of her, but she wears them well, and she’s hot, so your argument is invalid.

The WTF moment was the bear hanging above Sulli.  I know the room was supposed to be turned upside down and whatnot but I was like “Umm, Sulli, there’s a bear above you, are you gonna be okay?”

Sulli: What's your name Mr. Bear? Bear: The name's Pedo, Pedo Bear.

As for the dance, the chorus is a good dance.  I warn you again, ever since I started making gifs, my descriptions of dances have gone down hill.  My favorite dance is the “Broken Windshield Wiper” dance, where they have their right arm in front of them, palm facing out and they move it to the left a few times in a jerky motion, bringing it back to the starting position each time.  It’s fun and easy to do where ever you are.  Happy dancing!

How about F(x) did they rock this song?

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