Ring Ding Dong with SHINee

“Ring Ding Dong” is a most wonderful and glorious song.  I warn you I may end up keyboard smashing again because this song is lip porn central.  If I were going to make a lip porno I would start with this music video.  Anyways, the lyrics are about how these guys really like a girl and she’s all they can think about.  The music video on the other hand has no plot, but again, who cares.  They’re hot.

Highlight one, JongHyun’s blonde hair and freckle.  One JongHyun is just a friggin’ pile of sex with his hair blonde like that.  Two, I have a thing for freckles, so that freckle on his chest is just sexy as sin.  By the way, it’s mine, you can look but unless you’re Key, no touching.

See it highlighted in red? Unf

Highlight two, Key’s perpetually sexed hair and lip porn.  I have to liken Key’s hair to that of a sex God’s because of how friggin’ sexy it is.  Secondly, his lips are sinful, even more so when he touches them like that.  I want him to touch me like that, or with those lips.



Highlight three, JongKey double lip porn.  They do this one after the other.  I could stare at this gif for ages and probably orgasm without ever touching myself.

Highlight four, MinHo with long hair.  Unf.

Highlight five, TaeMin’s lack of attention span.  He’s so interested in that butterfly it’s like he forgot they were filming a music video.


I love too much about the dances in this music video.  If you ask me the entire music video is awesome but to pick a few dances I’d have to say the “Hump” dance they do as well as the “Lock It” dance.  During the “lock it” part of the song, they use their right arm and go low across their body then up, then low across their body and down.  Watch the gif to learn more.  The “Hump” dance is done during the chorus.  Put your right hand out in front of you, lean down a little and do a body roll up.  It’s too hard to explain, just stare at the pretty gifs. Happy dancing, or staring!

Did SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong do it for you?

2 thoughts on “Ring Ding Dong with SHINee

    • Velexa says:

      I know, most of the freckles I love are moles in disguise but I’ve always just called them freckles

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