You’re in Danger with F(x) and Pinocchio

“Pinocchio” or “Danger” was released in April 2011 and though I like the song I can honestly say WTF!  The lyrics made no sense; all I got was something about Pinocchio and someone being Columbus who discovered a continent.  If you guys can make sense of this song, please let me know.  Meaning aside, I still love this song.  Also, everyone knew Pinocchio was a giant Mickey head with smaller ears and a long nose, right?  Good, just making sure we were all on the same page.

See him up there?

Highlight one, Luna.  One, she’s hot but if I didn’t know better I’d say Dara from 2NE1 was in this music video.  They look like twins in this shot I took of Luna.  Crazy, huh?



Highlight two, still Luna, this time it’s that crazy spiked outfit.  It reminds me of either Bowser or a torture device you could find in one of the Saw movies.  Weird as it may be it was cool and I just have one question: did she poke herself on it?

Highlight three, Krystal.  I still think she’s pretty but this is the first time I think she actually looks like her sister, Jessica from SNSD.  Both girls are pretty, but they don’t look alike, so finally here we have the Jung sisters looking alike.



Highlight four, insert my Amber bias here.

The dance I call the “Overdone Wave.”  During the “dara dara dda dda dda” part the girls take their right hand and start above their head, waving.  It’s just pushing the hand further away from the body, then pulling it back in.  Starts above their head and then they do it three more times working their way down; the last one faces the ground.   Happy dancing!

So did F(x) put you in Danger of loving their new song?

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