HyeSung’s Discography

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Korean Albums

Love of May
Release Date: May 6, 2005

Track List:

  1. 거울 (Mirror)
  2. 떠나지마 (Don’t Leave)
  3. 같은 생각 (Same Thought)
  4. 벌 (Punishment)
  5. Buen Camino (Featuring Kang Susie)
  6. 눈물 (Tears)
  7. Everything
  8. Don’t
  9. 미안해… 널 잊어서… (I’m Sorry… I Forgot You) (I’m Sorry I Left You)
  10. A Song For You
  11. 몰래 가메라 (Secret Camera)
  12. 사랑… 사랑… (Love… Love…)
  13. 후에… (Later…)
  14. 선물 (Present)

The Beginning, New Days
Release Date: August 8, 2007

Track List:

  1. The Beginning
  2. Island
  3. 첫 사람 (First Person)
  4. 다 알면서 (You Know It All)
  5. 모든게 다 너야 (Everything is You)
  6. 혼잣말 (Monologue)
  7. 나이 (Age)
  8. 여자들은 좋겠다 (Women Must Be Glad)
  9. 눈물이 굴썽 (Tearful Eyes)
  10. 중심 (Center)
  11. 우리가 처음 만난날 (The Day We First Met)
  12. 悲의비(Rain of Sorrow)
  13. I Luv You

Live and Let Live
Release Date: August 26, 2008

Track List:

  1. Live and Let Live
  2. Awaken
  3. 그대라서 (Because of You)
  4. 사랑하기 좋은 날 (A Good Day to Love) (Featuring Honey Lee)
  5. Urban Fever (Featuring Showgun)
  6. Waltz
  7. Love Actually (Featuring Vink)
  8. 피터팬의 세레나데 (Peter Pan’s Serenade)
  9. Promise (Featuring Park SeungHwa)
  10. 후유증 (Sequelae)
  11. Awaken (Instrumental)
  12. 그대라서 (Because of You) (Instrumental)

Keep Leaves
February 17, 2009

Track List:

  1. Keep Leaves… Part 1
  2. 거짓말이라도 (Even If It’s a Lie)
  3. 왜 전화했어… (Why Did You Call?)
  4. 내가 죽어가 (I’m About to Die)
  5. 사랑병 (Love Disease)
  6. Keep Leaves… Part 2
  7. Love Letter
  8. Beautiful Girl
  9. 그자리에서 (Here)
  10. Still

The Road Not Taken
Release Date: June 16, 2011

Track List:

  1. 다른 사람 사랑하지마 (Don’t Love Anyone Else)
  2. 째각째각 (Tic Tic)
  3. 생각해봐요 (Think About It)
  4. 조금 더 가까이 (Just a Bit More) (Featuring YoungJun)
  5. Special Love
  6. 별을 따다 (Pick a Star)
  7. 이별을 꿈꾸다 (Dreaming of a Break Up)
  8. 너 없인 (Without You)
  9. Before & After
  10. 안녕 그리고 안녕 (Hello and Goodbye) (Featuring Nam GyuRi and Eric)

Japanese Albums

Find Voice in Song
Release Date: February 24, 2010

Track List:

  1. 虹の向こう (Over the Rainbow)
  2. 君の夢 (Your Dream)
  3. 友達 (Friend)
  4. Night Date
  5. Gone Today
  6. コトバにできない (Wordless Execution)
  7. 僕らの永遠 (Our Eternity)
  8. もっと君と (More With You)
  9. 春の中で (In the Spring)
  10. 銀河 (Galaxy)
  11. 遠い世界 (Distant World)

My Everything
Release Date: February 24, 2010

Track List:

  1. 鏡 (Mirror)
  2. 同じ想い (Same Thought)
  3. Buen Camino (Featuring Kang Susie)
  4. Everything
  5. First Love (Also known as First Person)
  6. すべてが君だから (Everything is You)
  7. 僕たちがはじめて出逢った日 (The Day We First Met)
  8. 君だから (Because of You)
  9. 後遺症 (Sequelae)
  10. 嘘でも (Even If It’s a Lie)
  11. どうして電話したの…  (Why Did You Call?)
  12. 僕が死んでゆく (I’m Dying)
  13. Love Letter
  14. あなたですね (It’s You) (Featuring Lyn)
  15. メアリ (Echo)
  16. 恋人 (Lover)
  17. どうして電話したの…  (Why Did You Call…) (Japanese Version)

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