CHAOS says She’s Coming

CHAOS is a new band that just debuted and I approve.  They have some amazing voices.  I mean these voices are so strong they shook my core (and ovaries).  Though I can’t say I’m surprised because these guys are from the same company as Piggy Dolls.  They are known for their amazing voices, so at least they live up to expectation.

The first thing that stuck out was DongMin.  He’s HAWT!  I love his hair, his guyliner, his unfness (can be interchanged with BAMFness).  I’ll also say here that DongMin and DuHwan have amazing voices.  All the rasps in this song can be accredited to these guys, so just accept the party in your pants graciously.

Can't you feel the sex eminating?

How many times can these guys explode my ovaries in a single song? The amount of lips in this song is simply sinful.  Thank you boys!

You wipe that lip!

Taeyang’s wink was cute.  It took him a little bit of time to grow on me, but I’m a sucker for winks, especially because winks are hard to screen cap, and when you finally get the wink, they tend to look stupid, so thanks Taeyang for winking and looking good while doing it!

I see that little smirk

Lastly, HeeJae and DongMin’s sessy kiss time.  Sorry, got a little dumb there, I meant sexy kiss time.  Enough said, just look at it.

DuHwan you're not very good at distractions, are you?

Sorry no dance or lyrics for this song, I was just too swept away by their good looks and sexy voices.

I know She is Coming, but what about you?

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