Fat Cat is Pretty but is that Everything?

Fat Cat is so pretty and cute and a great singer but the bitch is 7 days older than me!  I’m kidding!  I love Fat Cat.  This was actually my first time listening to her and she did a really great job.  I love the song’s message.  Is being pretty everything?  Why do people only look at your face, there are prettier parts of me.

Only issue I have with the song and music video is that Fat Cat is beautiful.  It’s hard to say “why do you only care about my face” when you’re a beautiful as she is.  With that said, I think she looked amazing in that blonde wig and blue contacts.

She's so cute and fluffy!

I liked the Alice in Wonderland themed part.  Though I can’t really say much else about it.

Fat Cat is bold and used some bright color scheme in this music video.  Here are a few of her outfits.

Last but not least, her perfectly executed wink.  Beautiful and cute!

Is Being Pretty Everything or is beauty more than skin deep?

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