Jay Park is a Star!

Jay Park is always relevant and unfable.  This song is a love song who’s lyrics I didn’t bother to look up, sorry.  Let’s just talk about Jay and his beautiful high notes.  Yes, those high notes stroked my lady wood the right way.  Thanks Jay.

I like his shoulder dance.  I’m not really gonna say much else.  He just shrugs his shoulders while holding his pants close to the crotch.  Me gusta.  Lip bite.  Unf.  Sorry, I’m beginning to make no sense, but lip bites do something to my ovaries, which in turn messes with my brain function.


I kind of have a thing for ears.  So Jay’s pointy ears have a special place in my heart, plus his lips are dirty.  I like to pretend that the foam on his lips isn’t from a coffee, but from licking whipped cream off TaecYeon’s body.  I would say my body, but muscle on muscle was too good to pass up.

The absolute first thing that stuck out to me was his tattoos.  I was like “Damn!  How many tattoos do you have now?”  I think he’s a little addicted to ink now, but they’re hot so I approve.

I wonder who was cut out of the shot?

Lastly, the amount of crotch grabs Jay does.  I think his hand’s natural resting position is on his penis.  Seriously, watch this music video and watch his hands.  Count how many times he touches his crotch.  I would love to hear the answer.

Hand, crotch

Will you be Jay’s Star or do you have something better to do?

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