MBLAQ is at War!

MBLAQ!!! Basfjgwfhdhvjcvswmfdnak,gvhdbfsjdfhbearmhqEJHEWAIUF.  Sorry, I love MBLAQ and this music video is sinful!!!!   I couldn’t process lyrics but I got the plot of the music video.  Joon was a secret agent of sorts (which gave him a gun, my ovaries are already exploding) and then his girlfriend gets shot.  Joon kills the guy who shot her and takes care of her.  He goes out to kill the other people involved and ChunDoong moves in on his girl.

Joon + Gun = Bliss

For some reason they went with the “Wanted” theme and made Joon able to bend bullets.  Joon + gun = hot, so I don’t care what the bullet does.  In the end, Joon pulls the gun on his buddy ChunDoong, the girl goes to defend him.  Joon bends the bullet to go around them and shoots himself in the neck.  Did he kill himself to let them be together or to let them feel guilty and never be together?  Sorry, I’m Joon biased so GTFO ChunDoong I’ll take me some Joon.

Exhibit A: the bullet and the bottle

Don't die Joon!

I’ll mention it because I can’t screen cap it, but there are some orgasmically raspy voices and then that note G.O hits is UH-MAZE-ING!  I call it the orgasm/explode ovaries/give birth note.  It may sound painful, but when you hear it and see it, it’s so worth it.

Neck porn during sex note!

Their outfits were sexy.  Just absorb that for a little bit.

SeungHo’s hair!  Where did it go?  It’ll take some getting used to.

Joon’s freckle and arm.  Again I’m Joon biased, and freckle biased, so I’m double biased here, then he shows that arm.  Ovaries gone, lady wood activated!



Mir’s hair!  My lady wood is in that state of a slow buildup.  I’m slowly getting there with a KAME KAME……..HNNNNNNNNNNG!!!!  Plus his voice just sounds like he’s ripping clothes off you.  Or am I the only one who hears that?

Unf unf unf!

As for the dance I like the pimp walk hip thrust.  Just nod and smile.  Those pants are nice, huh?

MBLAQ has declared War; do you accept their challenge?

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