The Best of Lee Hyun’s Life

Lee Hyun’s first solo album and it’s amazing!  I love this song it’s so cute!  The lyrics and music video are close but not exact in meaning.  The lyrics say how stupid he was to leave you and how you were the best thing in his life.  The music video says if you love someone, it doesn’t matter what he or she looks like, if you love them they are the best thing in your life.

In the music video, Hyun was put under a spell by grandma ChangMin (I’ll mention him in a little bit) and he begins to see this “ugly” girl as a pretty one.  They fall in love but eventually he hits his head and realizes that his girlfriend is ugly.  He leaves her, but gets a reality check from his friend and decides that he wants her back.  Despite her looks, she is the best thing in his life.

What Hyun sees under the spell


Hyun managed to get quite the celebrity cast to work with him; his own band member BaekChan, his sometimes duet buddy 2AM’s ChangMin (they work in Homme together), 4Minute’s JiHyun and Jung JuRi.  They came together for a great music video, great job guys!


2AM ChangMin

4Minute JiHyun

Jung JuRi

Lastly, I leave you with unf, I mean guyliner.  No, I meant unf.  Here you go!

Will You be the Best of Hyun’s Life or just let him walk away from you?

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