Jay Park has been Abandoned

Okay, so “Abandoned” was Jay’s first solo song and I can honestly say I wasn’t that impressed.  I love me some Jay Park but I really hate whiny voices and he did a lot of whining in this song.  Needless to say, in order to get you guys this review I had to have this whiny song stuck in my head for a few days, so I hope you all appreciate it.  Also, watch out again for the crotch touches.

Hand on crotch

There are a lot of cool dances in this song, none that I can really explain save for one.  The easiest dance to do is when he says “where did you go oh oh oh oh.”  On the ohs, have one hand out in front of you like you’re checking your watch and the other hand points above and below that arm.  Some other dances I liked we’re the “kickstand dance” and the “avoid dogshit” dance.

A few very random things, firstly the rims on his car turn into speakers, really?  Are you for serious?  Whatever floats your boat.  Secondly, leave it to Jay to dance to the sound of raindrops.  I sometimes have a hard time finding the right beat when there IS a solid beat, how the hell am I supposed to dance to raindrops?

Enjoy the neck porn and jawline.  Me gusta.

Neck porn, unf

My absolute favorite part of this music video, his “Nuuuuuuu face.”


Do you love Jay Park without Abandon?

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