Jay Park is a Demon

I love this song.  I was disappointed with “Abandoned” but I do love me some “Demon.” The song is in English so make your own impression of the lyrics. Yes, I did say English, so I hope you can understand the rap better than I could/can.  My entire response to this music video can be summed up in the following gif.

There is so much beauty in that man.  Jay Park is a sculpted masterpiece.  Did you see those David lines?  The only reaction I have to the girl who’s supposedly a demon is, “GET OFF HIM, I can’t stare at his chest anymore.”

I'm with her, "He's gorgeous!"



That's what I'm talking about, unf unf unf

If you read my “Star” music video review you may remember that Jay likes to touch his crotch a lot, he does the same here.  His hand’s natural resting spot is on his crotch.  Please note how many times I had to watch this music video in order to look only at his crotch, which in any other situation isn’t hard to do, but with all that delicious manmeat out for sale, I had a hard time.  Enjoy the crotch touches I got for you guys.

Crotch touch

More crotch touching!

Also, consolation prize, here’s the gif for the Demon dance.

Would you be Jay’s Demon?

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