I love you Hyun, Because it’s You

Hyun came out with this wonderful song “Because it’s You” and the MV was less than stellar.  Granted I’m not a big fan of story music videos this one wasn’t the greatest.  The song is adorable.  The lyrics are about how Hyun never wanted to fall in love again, but because it’s you, he did and you are his last love.  The music video on the other hand, is about a building that’s burning.  Guy’s girlfriend is in there and he rushes in to save her.  First off, I do appreciate the sneaky Hyun appearance.  He’s hot and gives me some lips service.  Also, for those of you who love men in uniforms, Hyun looks good in that fireman outfit.

You guys know I have a thing for lips

Secondly, I was wondering what was with the falling rose petals and are those oranges? Regardless, only rose petals hit the floor.

Who rushes into a fire, finds the person you’re looking for and then lies down next to them.  Does that really seem like the most effective thing to do? Instead of trying to save them you console yourself to die with them? Plus, she’d probably be burned when you found her, not all safe and sound.

Just chillin' in the fire, how are you?

This is what they should look like

Little fact about me, I love saxophones.  They sound like sex, so I appreciate the sex interlude in this song.

Lastly, is the random chill in water time.  In the midst of a fire, after he laid down next to his girlfriend he finally gets up and says, let’s jump into that pool of water until the fire is over.  Where did the random pool of water even come from? Then your just gonna hold your breath until the fire ends? Did that really seem like the best plan of action?  What ever floats your boat.

Jumping into the pool of water

Did you like Hyun’s Because it’s You?

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