Dal Shabet will Hit U

I don’t actually watch many girl group music videos and I never really liked Dal Shabet but I can honestly say these girls did a great job!  I love “Hit U.”  The lyrics are about how a boyfriend broke up with them and wants them back now.  But these girls want revenge for how bad he hurt them and they want to show him what he’ll be missing for the rest of his life.  As for the MV plot, she gets revenge by killing the guy.

Firstly, Serri looks a lot like SunYe from Wonder Girls.  They’re both beautiful, so that’s a compliment.



Secondly, SuBin looks like Sulli from f(x).  They’re both adorable, plus SuBin has a very strong voice, I was very impressed.



JiYul kicks ass in this MV.  First off, she’s beautiful and plays the lead role well, second, that smirk is so worth it.  I love it when girls can smirk.  No ovary explosion, but that keeps with the woman code.  Thank you for a smirk that satisfies my soul.

JiYul is beautiful

Smirk on my friend!

We get some lip service from GaEun.  I know she doesn’t actually touch her lips but it’s close enough the be sexy.

Lastly, WTF is with the pink blood!  It looks so fake I had to stop from laughing.  Still a great MV though, pink blood and all.

All the blood I've ever seen was red, not pink.

Did Dal Shabet’s song Hit U?

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