Going to Nanlina with Block B!

I have been crazy excited waiting for this song and it’s finally here! Fhenawjmfjnsd,fnaew.fhnbeaw,fkjadvn!!! Go Block B!  Okay, one of the first things that stuck out to me was the segregation of Block B into teams, with Zico and JaeHyo as the leaders.  Just a question, did anyone really think JaeHyo would win against Zico? The derp king against the crazy Jamaican?  No question.  Zico won, hands down.

Onto other highlights, I’ll try to keep my ranting down to a minimum because I have so many good things to say about this music video.  First off, here for you for a limited time is the combined ovary destruction provided by U-Kwon’s tongue and B-Bomb’s lip wipe.  Enjoy, I know I did.

I want that tongue!

My ovaries! Why!!!

Second, Zico’s tongue is cute! No destruction of ovaries, just an immense urge to huggle him.

Third, P.O. I have so many reasons to love you.  Firstly, your eyebrows know how to make a girl feel special, they really do.  I will perv on the eyebrow porn, just watch the music video, he moves his eyebrows in glorious ways that make me tingle.  Also, P.O. seems to love being surprise butt-sexed by his bandmates.  His faces are just priceless!

Those eyebrows!

Who's trying to rape you now?

Fourth, I’ll rant a little more on U-Kwon now.  He does this great smirk that makes me squee for joy.  In addition in the song he has a line where he says, “I’m hot, hot~” and I agree, U-Kwon is definitely hot.  I approve this message!

A few others things to point out, congrats to JaeHyo for the minimal derping.  I always wonder how many takes or how much effort he puts into avoiding those derps.  I also appreciate all the dorking moments like the synchronized bobble heads and the playing of Zico’s legs like a guitar.

You are good job!

I want these in my car

I would play a little higher if I were you TaeIl

Lastly, I don’t have a picture for this but I hold personal vendetta against TaeIl for ‘Halo.’  There was a part in Halo where he had the opportunity to go up and hit this beautiful note and he backed out of it, I was, and still am, very upset about it.  Suddenly in the song, he rips out that note.  I was like “Fuck YOU!!!!!” I still love TaeIl, and his voice.  He just likes to toy with me I guess.  Alright, I’ll play your game.  As for the dancing, I love the “I’m a hungry crazy monkey dance.”  Sadly, I think that title is fairly self explanatory.  Just watch the gif.  For you car dancers, just wave your hands over your head during the yelling part.  Happy dancing.

Are you Getting Crazy for Block B in Nanlina?

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