Top 10

So Redeim and I are thinking about adding a new category called Top 10.  We wanted to know what you guys thought.  We’d be posting them weekly and it would be Top 10 bad boys, or Top 10 Arms (though in that case it might be Top 20).  Things like that.  You guys could comment on this post and make suggestions.  If you guys have  thing for sex hair or lip wipes or thighs, anything we can try and make you a list of who we think is in the Top 10.  We’ll try and put one up and see how or if you guys like it, but we’d love to hear your feed back.

Honestly, when this idea came to me I was kind of like this:

I really like this idea and it seems like it’ll be fun.  If you guys have any disagreements with who we chose for the Top 10 let us know and we might redo the list for you guys.  Let us know who you think SHOULD be in the Top 10 that we missed.  Thanks again for your support!

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