B1A4 has a new, Beautiful Target

I love B1A4 and I love this song even more.  “Beautiful Target” is an amazingly catchy song that gets stuck in my head all the time.  First off I’ll mention the pseudo plot of this music video.  JinYoung is in his lab and makes a girl.  I’m sorry JinYoung sweetie, you’re gay, there is no way you made a girl intentionally.  See, you and GongChan are together.

More proof of JinYoung’s gayness is the fact that he touches the girl’s hand and a fire starts.  No one likes a liar, JinYoung.  Not even fire.

He looks scared

Highlights!  Firstly, my bias, CNU.  I love my CNU SO much and his hair in this music video is AWESOME!  Braids AND ponytails, yep, that’s lady wood for you.  Also, that jacket of his… If you have ever lost a button in your lifetime, and I mean EVER, CNU found it and put it on that jacket.  Lastly, cuteness in blowing up his hand.  I love you CNU!

That monkey hat/mask thing that JinYoung is wearing kinda creeps me out.  It looks like it’s eating his neck…

GongChan’s a dork.  Gotta love the dorks!  Rock the Harry Potter glasses, I approve.

Baro, OMG!  How does something so cute and squishy have that deep of a voice?  Where does the testosterone required to make that voice come from? Well, at least we know where all his testosterone goes.  Also, you are the ghetto-est fireman the world has ever seen.  He fights fire in shorts; I feel safer already.

That's the cutest derp I've ever seen

Have some cuteness of band members (JinYoung) eating each other.  Also, that wiggle dance is awesome.  The one with your hands over your head and you sway your hips, I love that dance.  These boys just made my day.

The actual dance to the song is pretty easy.  It’s during the “I like it like it” part.  It’s fun and cute and safe for car dancers so long as you DO remove your hands from the steering wheel.  If you don’t, you’ll end up all over the road and that’s no fun (for other drivers).  Happy dancing!

Has B1A4 painted a Beautiful Target for you?

7 thoughts on “B1A4 has a new, Beautiful Target

  1. Meme says:

    Gongchan oppa & Jinyoung oppa are the best… Well everybody has his opinion.. & it’s your right to complain about that, but I saw this music video maybe for a million times & I saw that there is nothing is showing that Jinyoung looks awkward or something like that ><!… Except seeing them injoying their time & going to a lot of places… Yeah maybe how they started the video was awkward although I thought it was a great & fun & injoyable MV….^^

    • Velexa says:

      Did I say he looked awkward? I just said the monkey mask creeps me out because it looks like it’s eating his neck. I love JinYoung and though GongChan is probably my least favorite in the band, that’s only because I’ve found so many reasons to love all the others, that i don’t look at him much. I love B1A4!!!

    • Velexa says:

      I just think they’re a cute couple, and if you noticed, in my crazy fandom fantasy world almost everyone is gay. It has nothing to really do with the actual person, I just love shipping couples.

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