Block B, Go and Tell Them!

Block B’s second song “Tell Them” is amazing.  I love how fun and cute this song it.  I will admit it’s not the cool, sexy song that “Freeze” was but this is a new level of fun and awesome!  Let me be totally honest, this entire MV was my Zico bias.  One, he’s hot.  Two, he has dreads.  Have I mentioned I have a thing for dreads?  I think I should make a list in my profile to let you guys know what I perv on, because that list keeps getting longer, and dreads is now on that list.  Three, he wipes his lips.  My ovaries!  Why would you do that, Zico?

Derps and ponytails.  I love you Zico!

P.O is so cute!  I love you, I just want to cuddle you and your squishy little nose.  Also, nice shorts.

The thumb dance is cute.  It’s great for car dancers and for those who are just bad at dancing.  It’s an easy dance.  Please note the DerpHyo.  He showed up.

This is where I mention my subconscious UKwon bias.  I love his tongue, I could really use that somewhere on my body right now.  Also, he’s being cute and he has nice arms.  Enjoy the UKwon, I know I did.

So Tell Them what you think!

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