Cry for MBLAQ!

“Cry” was a beautiful MV that MBLAQ decided to grace us with.  Insert all the Black Swan references you want, everyone else does.  Here’s a macro to prove it.

The amount of highlights isn’t even funny.  This music video was placed here for mass ovary destruction; Exhibit A: it starts with blonde haired and heavily guylinered ChunDoong.

Let’s have some of my Joon bias.  Lip wipes!  Thank you!  My ovaries can die happy knowing the last thing they saw was this beautiful sight.

More things I perv on, let’s add thighs to that list and Joon, my love, you have some NICE thighs.  Also, just enjoy the pretty Joon eye-candy.

Mir is friggin’ hot AND he’s wet!  Do I really need to say more?

I really like the blue guyliner.  It suits him.  Then again I just like guyliner, but colored guyliner strokes that part of my lady wood that is often neglected.  Congratulations, my ovaries just evolved!  Not only can they use “Explode” as an attack they can now use “Rainbow explosion!”  It’s super effective!

G.O, you are a masterpiece of a man.  Look at those arms!  Yes, enjoy those pictures.

Also, G.O. in general got hot.  I wasn’t a big fan of the Gostache, but he turned HAWT!  Then you add the guyliner, well just fuck me.

Last but not least, the dance.  My ovaries and lady wood and everything pervy inside me just die at this dance.  Slow body rolls, you enjoy this gif.  I stare at it for hours and I could still stare at it.  Look at Joon touching himself!!!  Don’t bother with the happy dancing, at this point it’s just happy fapping.

Did MBLAQ make you Cry?

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