I don’t Know Your Name, Jay Park

Jay Park’s “Know Your Name” is actually a really good song.  I like the beat and it’s an upbeat song, the only bias I have against it, is that fact that he came out with it right after I finished the rest of his music videos.  As you guys might have noticed, or not, I guess it doesn’t really matter, but beside new releases, I try to work on a band’s music videos at the same time.  I had finished Jay’s other stuff, and then this came out.  Besides that, awesome song, enjoy!  A side note: how many Jays do you think are touching their crotch in this sea of Jays?

There’s a part of the song where he says, “I wanna take it slow” and he does this amazing slow dance.

My ovaries didn’t know what to do.  When he does that, I can only really do this.

I like the black girl he dances with.  She’s pretty and she matches well with him.

Neck!  OMG that is one of the most beautiful necks I have ever seen.  All the lines and valleys and bnjdshbj.  Sorry about that.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so turned on by a neck, that award will go to you, Jay.

It's a masterpiece, look at all those mountains and valleys!

I like his monster hat.  If it has a name let me know, because I want one!

As always in a Jay Park music video I must highlight the crotch touches.  I have tons of shots of this, but here are a few, including a wonderfully angled shot of Jayzilla.  He can ravage my city any day.

Jayzilla crotch touch

So tell me, do you Know Jay Park’s Name?

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