It’s O.K. with B1A4!

B1A4’s debut song “O.K.” was amazing.  Catchy enough to run on replay in the back of your mind for days and weeks to come.  Newer, catchier songs have attacked me, and this one still crops up now and then. My only annoyance in this song is that doorbell.  Am I the only one who goes to check their door when it goes off?  My house doesn’t even have a doorbell and it STILL gets me every time.

Highlights are all just happy biases.  JinYoung is gorgeous and he lip bites.  Thanks!

Such a sweet unf

Love the Harry Potter glasses, Sandeul.  Anyone else notice them in their other MV?  Maybe this will be a recurring theme.  Now I gotta go check the second MV.

My absolute bias, CNU.  He’s hot, love him please.

Baro is so cute, but acts like such the bad ass, or tries to at least.  I just want to cuddle him and keep him as a pet.

I want those bracelets that Baro is wearing.  I could break someone with them.  By now you guys should know I’m at LEAST that kinky.  Haha, just kidding.  Excuse the derp face.

Sneeze in 3, 2, 1

I do hats, hard.  You guys should know this.  A nice hat on a good-looking guy is a disaster recipe for my ovaries waiting to happen.  Uniform hats or fedoras, even better.  I love you, Sandeul.  So much right now.  My ovaries may be in pain, but my soul is satisfied.

The dance is easy.  When they sing, “I love you ooooo” on the “ooo” part you point your finger back and forth.  This is safe to do in the car for both passenger and driver.  Thanks B1A4 for a dance everyone can enjoy!

Are you OK with B1A4?

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