MBLAQ’s Monalisa

“Monalisa” was MBLAQ’s cruel idea of a joke.  This song is all lips.  Why would you do that?!

The main highlight in this song is SeungHo and his sex hair.  It is GORGEOUS.  Couldn’t you just tangle your fingers in that and yank his head down so his luscious lips brushed your own?  Sorry, got a little lost in that fantasy.  Have SeungHo sex hair.

G.O. is looking mighty fine, even with that little bit of Grinch grin there.

Lips.  Sex hair SeungHo and some sexy G.O. lip wipes for you guys.

That was a surprising treat, ChunDoong.  I didn’t know you had arms.  I approve.  Me gusta.

Insert Joon bias.  You guys knew this was coming.

Back of the hand lip wipe, Mir?  Really?  I already said my ovaries would be destroyed during this MV but wiping with the back of your hand is just wrong.  It’s so dirty my ovaries can’t even-nvhjasvjn,aefnj.LQjFMZkjfesnejfrnwekjfksk

Dances are all about the gifs.  Firstly, the hips.  G.O. really knows what he’s doing there.  Second, the lips.  This is really where the ovary destruction comes from.  This song is one giant, orgy of a lip wipe. Happy exploding!

Will you be MBLAQ’s Monalisa?

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