Oh Yeah it’s MBLAQ

MBLAQ debuted with this song, “Oh Yeah” and I’ve been in love with them ever since.  Firstly, I will show my Joon bias and explain it a little.  When I saw this music video for the first time I looked at Joon and said, “he’s a slut, I just know it.”  My friend disagreed, until he did this.

More Joon highlights: his freckle.  Redeim and I are still in the process of formulating a theory that determines if a freckle automatically makes you a slut or merely increases your risk of sluttage.  2AM JoKwon and UKISS SooHyun are prime examples we are considering in this theory.  Also, is there anyone who didn’t like Joon’s shirt?  The ripped clothes are wonderful for the wild fangirl imagination.

It may also just be the location of the freckle, that's a part of out theory too

Mir highlights.  He’s hot, we can all agree on that, right?  A spazz, yes, but a hot spazz.  That smirk is not nice Mir.  You are out to bnvskjvn kslsvj,vhnl.wdnB <QKWEVhfK< HOLY CRAP LIP WIPE!!!! Asshole…..

ChunDoong really reminded me of his sister in this music video, don’t they look alike.  I know there are a lot of macros going around about how he doesn’t like being compare to his sister, but I couldn’t help it.

Lastly, the Gostache.  I, honestly, was never a big fan of it.  It kinda crept me out.  I thought he was a rapist lurking among the hot band members.  I like him much more now that he lost the Gostache.  I know a lot of people like the Gostache and even call it the sexystache, sorry to you guys.  Nowhere in that long list of things I perv on is facial hair.

As for the dance, enjoy the body rolls.  You could try to dance to them in your car, they ARE safe for car dancers, but I prefer to just watch them.  That, on the other hand, is NOT safe for car dancers.  Don’t drive down the highway and visualize these guys doing this dance, you WILL end up speeding and MAY end up with a ticket.  Happy daydreams!

How did MBLAQ do with Oh Yeah?

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