Y is MBLAQ so hot?

MBLAQ “Y” did you do this to me?  I know, I used a pun to lead into this but this MV gave me a raging lady boner.  Let’s just skip to the good parts, Joon in the shower.

I have pictures of everyone in this music video, cause they’re all so HOT here.  More Joon and his freckle and some smexy guyliner.

G.O. lost the Gostache, thank you!  You are immensely hotter now.

Guyliner makes everything better.  Not that I didn’t like ChunDoong before, but he’s sexy now.  Add a touch of guyliner and the pedonoonas will flock to you.

Mir, unf.  The amount of hotness you wreak and then you…. Hold on a second.  Let me compose myself before I keyboard smash again.  That l-i-p w-i-p-e…..it’s just…. I have no words…

Lastly are SeungHo’s lips.  They’re big and beautiful.  I could suck on that bottom lip for days and it wouldn’t even look swollen, it’d look that same.  I want your lips on my lips, right now!  (No comment on how dirty or clean you take that, though I didn’t mean it dirty when I wrote it, that dawned on me after the fact).

I don’t even have a dance to talk about for this song, I’m sorry.  It’s easy, when they say “Y” throw your hands up in they air like the “Y” in “YMCA.”  Happy dancing.

Y you acting like that to MBLAQ?

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