Top 10: Sex Eyes

Everyone please welcome in our very first top 10!

Our first one will be sex eyes! You can expect Top 10 lists about once a week (give or take a year).  Please keep in mind all of these are only mine and Velexa’s opinions, if you have other opinions, please feel free to comment or even send us a picture of someone you think does better than these guys.  On that note, all of these top 10s are going to be men only, though maybe one day (or with enough requests), you will get our top ten girls.  Please note we’re trying to keep our bias at bay, but there are some bands we simply don’t care about anymore, but we still try to include them in our top 10s through memories.

10: Super Junior’s SiWon

SiWon got number ten because even though he’s got quite “the look,” we couldn’t find a lot of really awesome pictures. When it came to the others, SiWon had the least amount of “come to my bed,” but when we thought over pictures of him in our brains, we remembered he had quite an alluring look.

9: Teen Top’s L.Joe

Now normally we’re all over how sexy this boy is.  However, whether it be we couldn’t find the right picture or because our bias for him isn’t as big as we originally thought, he got number 9.  I really think it’s the first reason.  He’s still a pile of sexy on a mountain of jailbait.  He IS legal, but 1993 isn’t much of a comfort to us.

8: Chaos’ DongMin

Now I’m not too familiar with Chaos yet, but this boy makes me want to know them better.  According to Velexa, he does this often.  And if he already looks this good without guyliner, just imagine how much you’d want to jump him with it on?  He’s got the beckoning look and everything.

7: SungJong

SungJong was originally going to just be a honorable mention, because we normally only see his diva or cute side, but do to my awesome counting skills, he was blessed with a spot in this top 10 instead. Besides, we can’t deny he did quite a good job showing another side of him. (Velexa: I got the gif from another website and they explain it as follows: Annnnnnnnnnnnd pregnant)

6: 2PM’s Nichkhun

I know there’s a really, really nice arm in the way, but try to pay attention to just his look in this picture.  Besides the fact that Nichkhun is one of my ultimate biases in the Korean music industry in general, his look just seems to scream “Go to my bed, now. No questions.” And you know what? I won’t question!

5: F.Cuz’s Kan

Kan is another one who’s high on my personal bias list. And seriously, how can you not want to jump him with that look? It almost seems like he’s telling you to do whatever you want to him. I can take a vulnerable guy too.

4: MBLAQ’s Joon

It’s probably no surprise to find out Joon made it on a lot of our top ten lists.  We both have a really crazy bias for him.  And he’s kind of already sex on a stick (think Jeff Dunham if you can), so one cannot argue he can do a really, really nice “come to my bed” look. Oh, and not to mention, he’s lipping, wet, has on guyiner, and you can see his freckle. Basically, this picture is a summary of what to expect in future top tens.

3: SS501’s JungMin

Nothing says sex eyes like already being naked and waiting for you.  Okay, so he’s probably not naked.  But a girl can imagine, right?

2: SHINee’s Key

So our Key bias shows up quite easily.  But how can you deny this as number two when he’s not only got the sex eyes, he’s also got the sex hair, the arm up in waiting, and not to mention his neck looks like it needs to be kissed. (Velexa: You forgot his collar bone!  I could lick that!  But yes, unf unf sexy Key eyes)

1: Infinite’s L/MyungSoo

In the words of Velexa: puts a whole new meaning to exploding ovaries in 3… 2… 1…

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