Random KPop Facts Crossword

4 Founder of the ’91 line
7 Lead Singer of FT Island
8 Band named after a dog
10 Band member in both U-KISS and ZE:A
11 The prince from Rancho Cucamonga
13 DBSK’s first song (2003)
16 Double A’s unofficial magnae
17 The month JYJ JaeJoong was born in
19 CNBLUE member starring in the drama “You’re Beautiful”
20 Korean word for someone with a pretty face

1 Girl’s Generation member born in San Francisco
2 What does the “U” in U-KISS stand for
3 Referred to as the “Diva magnae”
5 2 SM entertainers share this name
6 Loses testosterone every time he winks
9 B.A.P’s extreme jailbait
12 Super Junior EunHyuk’s real name
14 Has a dragonball tattoo
15 Block B’s leader
18 Dating a member of B2ST

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