Baby I’m Sorry, B1A4

So I’m a little pissed about this song, I didn’t even know it was here, I’m sorry B1A4, you guys know how much I love you.  I was so busy I didn’t know you came out with a new MV.  With that said, let’s start the perving!

First things first, Baro and GongChan are looking like B.A.P members.  I’m not trying to show my B.A.P. bias, but look at these pictures.  Baro looks like Bang in “Never Give Up” and GongChan looks like he belongs in the B.A.P. MV with his blonde hair and slightly derped face.  Guess who is who!

BTW the first pic was Bang, second Baro

I don’t care much about the lyrics, but they’re about these guys being sorry that they broke up with you and they want you back.  The more pressing issue is that girl. Her face actually scares me.  It just doesn’t look like it should be that way, her eyes are too far apart and it’s just….. No, I don’t like it.

She just doesn't look right....

Every band needs a red head, have some sexy JinYoung.

Let’s insert the biggest CNU bias I’ve ever known me to have.  EVER.  His hair, down… I can’t even…..  Just no…. And spikes…. My words apparently can become less coherent….

Baro, what is on your head? Also, I think I will be conferring ChunJi’s wink condition onto Baro, because he can’t seem to avoid that twitch in his eye.  I am unsure about the testosterone part though.  I believe it takes a little bit of time before the winks cause you to lose testosterone but if he keeps it up, Baro might be next

Also, the continuation of Harry Potter themes.  They had the Harry Potter glasses in “Beautiful Target” and “O.K.” and here Baro rocks the Harry Potter scar. Again, that twitch…

So, how was B1A4’s apology?  Do you forgive them?

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