Dal Shabet is Bling Bling

Can I be completely honest; I hated Dal Shabet until “Hit U” so I really don’t like this song.  I’ll try to be nice but I can’t promise that this review will be very long.

First impression, why does it sound like Ghost Busters?  Seriously, go find your old Ghost Busters movie or your old Halloween CD and listen to the song, they sound alike!

Who you gonna call?

The lyrics are a little insane, like many lyrics are, but my best guess is they’re saying that they’re pretty and hot.

More look alikes.  In “Hit U” Serri looked like Wonder Girls’ SunYe, now she looks like SNSD’s Jessica.


They are wearing entirely TOO MUCH eye makeup.  They look like ghosts.  Maybe there is a reason this song sounds like Ghost Busters.

THOSE PANTS HURT!!!! Enough said.

Welcome to the crazy crown set.  I’m waiting for an “Off with his head!”

I found out something in this song.  I said I was annoyed with this song and that was because the same people kept singing the same parts, but then I realized that the guy bands do the same thing…. Mind blown… But guy bands have more yummy eye candy for me to stare at!!!

How Bling Bling is Dal Shabet?

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