Enter the Supa Dupa Divas, Dal Shabet

Dal Shabet’s “Supa Dupa Diva” is not my favorite, again I don’t really like them that much but I do like the song a little bit.  My main issue is how do you mention Diva without Key anywhere near it?  Let me fix that.

Bright ass colors guys.  My eyes are bleeding!  Why would you do that!?

SuBin is so cute!  She tried to wink but it didn’t work very well…

JiYul, I love you.  You’re so pretty and that hat is so cute on you.

I think it is GaEun’s hair but she just looks bitchy in this MV.  Fierce and bitchy, like, watch your back or she’ll put knives in it.

The fake mirrors are too much.  They’re cute, but too much.

They look like Peeps in those yellow dresses.

Hopefully you know this is the Peep and not Dal Shabet

Are Dal Shabet Supa Dupa Divas?

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